August 29, 2016 DMC

This is not the 2017 DeLorean

Over the last week or so, an online article from January of 2016 reporting on the planned low-volume DeLorean production has been making the rounds again on various social media sites.

While the written content of some of the linked articles is fairly accurate, the photo (shown below) that has most often accompanied it is not, by any means, an accurate representation of the planned production car.


Photo © 2011 Maxime de Keiser

The car illustrated above was drawn in 2011 by designer, digital artist and illustrator Maxime de Keiser as a modern interpretation of the De Tomaso Mangusta. Sometime after these photos were originally posted in 2011, someone added some DMC/DeLorean logos and claimed that it was the “new” DeLorean.

The federal law that was passed in late 2015 that allows for low-volume production here in the USA states that the only cars allowed to be built under this legislation are those that resemble production vehicles manufactured at least 25 years ago. Therefore, the planned 2017 DeLorean will resemble the original 1981-1983 DeLorean models.

Low Volume Regulations Overdue For

The latest updates on the planned low-volume DeLorean production will always be here at – please help spread this around to avoid confusion and misinformation about the 2017 DeLorean project!